Gaziosmanpaşa University (GOPÜ) Faculty of Agriculture, Head of Department of Horticulture Professor. Dr. Resul Gerçekcioğlu reported that blackberries are a source of healing against many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, larynx and bowel cancer, and diabetes.
Professor Dr. Realcioğlu said that the therapeutic properties of blackberries have been known for years. Blackberry, plenty of B group vitamins because the children of the age of development and the health of the elderly people is very useful in terms of Professor stating that. Dr. Realcioğlu continued: “Blackberry has high antioxidant capacity besides anticancer substances like A and C vitamins. The level of antioxidant is a measure of the ability to absorb free oxygen radicals. Compared to other foods, especially black raspberries and blackberries have a very high oxygen radical absorption (ORAC) value.
In addition, they are among the richest foods in antisition. ” Professor informed that the content of ellagic acid, which is a substance that inhibits cancer, is also high in blackberries. Dr. Dr. Truecioğlu said: “Studies in laboratory animals have shown that the conversion of first cancer cells to active cancers prevented ellagic acid. In the light of these researches, it is focused on working on the effects of this substance in the two most common cancers in human, laryngeal and intestinal cancers. ”
Professor explains that the unsaturated fatty acids in the seed are the source of healing. Dr. Gerçekcioğl of “They are ordinary lipophilic antioxidants in abundance in some oils and nuts. Their presence in the kernel of blackberries, raspberries and some other grapefruit fruits gives them antioxidant potential for vitamin E activity, “he said.
Expressing that the essential fatty acids known as an effective preservative against heart diseases, diabetes and cancer are present in the berries of fruit juices. Dr.Gerçekcioğlu, “These oils have coronary heart disease and many cancers have protective properties. These fatty acids can be obtained from fish or from marine organisms such as algae. ”
Professor informed about the growing of blackberries with a lot of nutritional value. Dr. Resul Gerçekcioğlu, a field of blackberry cultivated 2 to 4 tons of fruit can be obtained from the acropolis, he said.
Realcioğlu explained that the consumption of tableware such as jam, marmalade, fruit juice, ice cream, cake, medicine, herbal teas is also common among the 4-6 TL of blackberries.
Professor Dr. As a result of adaptation work that has been going on in Tokat for many years, Gerçekçioğlu added that the appropriate varieties of blackberries have been identified.

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