The most popular fruit of blueberries on supermarket shelves in recent days … Now, we find in the grocery store more often to blueberries. The purplish in color with a piquant taste of this frozen fruit, dried and sold as fresh as cakes, ice cream, is entering the menu of the restaurant for dessert and sauce. The homeland is the mountainous regions of North America. Therefore, the price is also very high. But all the blueberries you see on the shelves are not imported. Because in the Black Sea Region, especially in Rize, blueberries are being produced.
In fact, blueberries grow wild in the Black Sea region’s people was he doing this fruit jam and syrup. Lychee in Rize, morsidiva in Artvin, bush flower in Giresun, ligardia in Trabzon, lifos or Trabzon grape, muscular in different regions, mahabak, tea grape, The number of blueberries producers including names such as shepherd’s grapes is increasing rapidly. It is called blue gold in the region because it is more profitable than kettle and hazelnut.
Blueberries are defined by experts as the best antioxidants in nature. For this reason, it slows down the effects of aging, it is claimed to be effective on cancer and other chronic diseases. It is rich in fiber and blueberries calories, which is also extremely helpful in terms of heart health because it can prevent the accumulation of fat consumed in the diet because it is low. With eye health benefits of blueberries contained anthocyanins terms set forth by research in effective against bacteria that cause diarrhea.


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