Did you know that blackberry has numerous benefits? Or the most effective fruit against cancer … Professor. Dr. Erkan Topuz says that blackberries prevent the development of cancer and tumor cells.
The bun, everyone recommends a handful of blackberries a day. As you can consume in the season of Breton, you can dry your leaf and drink it in the winter. You can also make syrup or marmalade. Blackberries are also used in ice cream, pastry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
As you walk in a state of overwhelmedness, your opponent comes out on a workbench or in a grocery store. The eye-catching color makes the sour and spacious taste of the baccarat look unimaginable. We’re in the blackberry season. A few years ago, the berries, which are rare and expensive, are as plentiful as ever. Therefore, it is cheaper than previous years. Because of the work the Ministry of Agriculture has done with the universities for 8 years, 10 blackberries are grown. Tokat, Adana, Samsun, Maras, Ordu, Erzurum, Erzincan, Malatya, Hatay and Isparta’da planted blackberries. The farmers, who had received much harvest this past year, continued to market their products in their hands after meeting the needs of the ice cream, pastry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.
The cultivated field berries, which are called brittle, look both in color and size. The smaller, light-colored wild berries are more desirable in terms of taste and utility. But because it is difficult to collect and production is low, it is necessary to settle for the culture of blackberries. Because when you learn that blackberries are good for many diseases, especially cancer, you will not miss this fruit for your meals.


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