Strawberry varieties have been cultivated in many cultivated areas, with prevalence in the northern half of the world. Culture fungus ( Fragaria xananassa Duch.), Octoploid F. chiloensis (L.) Duch. And F. virginianaDuch. As a result of the natural hybridization of the species, it has emerged in the mid 18th century. These strawberries are grown very successfully in temperate climates. Strawberries have gained much more importance in recent years, especially in terms of human health, as well as the fact that investments are returning in a very short period of time. In addition, this fruit flavor has its own distinctive flavor, rich vitamins and especially the content of ellahic acid, the different consumption patterns attract consumers more. Contributed to human health, Profitable investment The world’s strawberry production was 4,366,662 tons according to the 2010 statistics, and this production made significant increases every year. The most important producer country of this fruit is the USA and it covers 26.9% of the total production. A large part of the remaining production is carried out in European countries, especially in Turkey, Spain, Egypt, South Korea, Mexico and Japan. Turkey is in the 2nd place in the world with 299,940 tons of strawberry production. Although it is known that strawberry production is also made in China, the data of this country are not reflected in FAO statistics.


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