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Benefits of Almond



Almonds are an unfathomably well-known tree nut. Notwithstanding being high in fat, they are very nutritious and to a great degree sound. Here are 3 confirmed based medical advantages of almonds.


History of Almonds:

Almonds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients. The almond is the eatable seed that develops on the tree Prunus dulcis, all the more normally called the almond tree. Almonds are local to the Middle East, yet the United States is presently the world’s biggest maker. The almonds we purchase at the store have as a rule had the shell evacuated, uncovering the eatable nut inside. They are sold either crude (regularly alluded to as “common”) or cooked. Almonds gloat a fantastically impressive nutrient profile. A 1 ounce (28 grams, or a little modest bunch) serving of almonds contains:

  • Fiber: 3.5 grams.
  • Protein: 6 grams.
  • Fat: 14 grams (9 of which are monounsaturated).
  • Vitamin E: 37% of the RDA.
  • Manganese: 32% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium: 20% of the RDA.

They likewise contain a respectable measure of copper, vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and phosphorus. This is all from a little modest bunch, which supplies just 161 calories and 2.5 grams of edible sugars. It is likewise vital to take note of that 10-15% of an almond’s calories are not consumed by the body, in light of the fact that the fat is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to get to and separate. Almonds are likewise high in phytic corrosive, a substance that ties certain minerals and keeps them from being retained. This implies the measure of iron, zinc, and calcium you get from the almonds will be lessened to some degree.


Almonds Are Loaded With Antioxidants. Almonds are a fabulous source of antioxidants. Cancer prevention agents help to ensure against oxidative anxiety, which can harm atoms in cells and add to maturing and maladies like a tumor. The intense cancer prevention agents in almonds are to a great extent moved in the darker layer of the skin. Consequently, whitened almonds (skin expelled) are not the best decision from a well-being point of view. A clinical test of sixty male smokers found that 84 grams (around 3 ounces) of almonds every day lessened a number of oxidative anxiety biomarkers by 23-34%, over four-week time frame. These discoveries bolster those of another investigation, which found that eating almonds with primary suppers diminished a few markers of oxidative harm.

Vitamin E:

Almonds Are High in Vitamin E, Which Protects Your Cell Membranes From Damage. Vitamin E is the name for a gathering of fat dissolvable cell reinforcements. These cancer prevention agents tend to develop in cell films in the body, shielding the cells from oxidative harm. Almonds are among the world’s best sources of vitamin E, with only one ounce giving 37% of the suggested day by day allow. A few investigations have connected higher vitamin E admission with bringing down rates of coronary illness, tumor and Alzheimer’s.

So, start your habit of having more almonds to avoid diseases and any severe sickness!

Blackberry nutrition Fact



Nothing says “Yeah Summer!” like a new natural product plate of mixed greens and if blackberries aren’t in the blend, you’re unquestionably passing up a major opportunity! Sweet and succulent, this organic product has a place with a similar family and nearly takes after dewberries and raspberries.



Blackberries, which develop on prickly hedges called thorns, are local to Europe, however, are currently additionally developed financially in the U.S. They are accessible throughout the entire year yet flourish amid spring and early summer. Blackberries develop well in an extensive variety of soils albeit great seepage is essential and make sure to plant them where they will be presented to coordinate daylight.

The blackberry is actually not only one natural product. Each blackberry comprises of 80-100 little drupelets that are organized in a roundabout form, similar to a smaller than usual grape bundle. Each berry has a succulent mash, a solitary small seed, and measures three to four centimeters in length.

The Flavour of Blackberries:

Blackberries have a sweet, tart flavor, making them an ideal expansion to servings of mixed greens or organic product smoothies. They can likewise be utilized as a garnish for yogurt or mixed into exquisite sauces that are ideal for meat formulas. Blackberries can be appreciated independent from anyone else, as a light nibble (best expanded with some restraint) or sweet.

A Strong Organic Product:

The blackberry is a strong organic product that can be effectively put away: just wash the berries, remove the structures, and vacuum seal in a Ziploc sack before putting away in the cooler. They will keep for a while – simply defrost and they’re prepared to go!

The supplement rundown of blackberries is broad. They are stacked with vitamin C (a 100g serving has 23 mg or 35 percent of the prescribed every day remittance or RDA), however, are low in calories (just 43 calories for every 100g serving) and sodium. They are a magnificent wellspring of both solvent and impenetrable fiber. A 100g blackberry contains 5.3 g of fiber, which is 14 percent of the RDA.

The Nature of Blackberries:

Blackberries are additionally rich in vitamins E, K, A and B vitamins, and also cancer prevention agents lutein and zeaxanthin, which rummage free radicals and receptive oxygen species (ROS) that assume a part in maturing and ceaseless illnesses. They are a standout amongst other high-ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance limit) nourishments accessible. Minerals like magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, pantothenic corrosive, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, and folic corrosive, are likewise found in this natural product.

The modest blackberry contains stunningly elevated amounts of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals, for example, elegiac corrosive, anthocyanin, tannin, Gallic corrosive, pelargonidin, quercetin, cyaniding, kaempferol, catching, and salicylic corrosive. These cell reinforcement mixes ensure against maturing, aggravation, malignancy, and other neurological infections.


In any case, devour blackberries with some restraint since they contain fructose, which might be destructive to your well being in unnecessary ways. So, you might want to grow your habit of consuming blackberries in the right amount for the rest of your life.

Modern strawberry farming


Strawberry varieties have been cultivated in many cultivated areas, with prevalence in the northern half of the world. Culture fungus ( Fragaria xananassa Duch.), Octoploid F. chiloensis (L.) Duch. And F. virginianaDuch. As a result of the natural hybridization of the species, it has emerged in the mid 18th century. These strawberries are grown very successfully in temperate climates. Strawberries have gained much more importance in recent years, especially in terms of human health, as well as the fact that investments are returning in a very short period of time. In addition, this fruit flavor has its own distinctive flavor, rich vitamins and especially the content of ellahic acid, the different consumption patterns attract consumers more. Contributed to human health, Profitable investment The world’s strawberry production was 4,366,662 tons according to the 2010 statistics, and this production made significant increases every year. The most important producer country of this fruit is the USA and it covers 26.9% of the total production. A large part of the remaining production is carried out in European countries, especially in Turkey, Spain, Egypt, South Korea, Mexico and Japan. Turkey is in the 2nd place in the world with 299,940 tons of strawberry production. Although it is known that strawberry production is also made in China, the data of this country are not reflected in FAO statistics.

Women who eat strawberries and blueberries have lower risk of heart attack


A study of a group of cardiovascular strawberries and blueberries on cardiovascular effects was published in Circulation of the American Heart Association. Research on 93,600 women between the ages of 25-42 lasted for 18 years. Women who participated in the research completed the forms given to them by researchers about their feedings every four years. A total of 405 women underwent a heart attack during the study. Experts say that the result of the research is that women should be considered independently of age, blood pressure, weight, mobility, smoking, drinking or alcohol consumption.

According to the results of the study, women who consume at least three servings of strawberries or blueberries per week have a reduced risk of having a heart attack compared to women who consume these fruits at most once a month.  Flavonoid, rich in strawberries and blueberries, contains color pigments as well as plant protection properties. The research revealed that an anthocyanin, a subgroup of flavonoids, enlarges the vessels and prevents blockages.

Professor Aedin Cassidy of the University of East Anglia in Norwich said, “We have shown that increasing the consumption of strawberries and blueberries at younger ages can reduce the risk of developing heart attacks in the future.” According to experts, other fruits from the family of strawberries may also have the effect of strawberries and blueberries. The reason for the selection of these two fruits is that they are the fruits of the most popular and consumed strawberry family in the United States.

The most effective fruit against cancer: Blackberry


Did you know that blackberry has numerous benefits? Or the most effective fruit against cancer … Professor. Dr. Erkan Topuz says that blackberries prevent the development of cancer and tumor cells.
The bun, everyone recommends a handful of blackberries a day. As you can consume in the season of Breton, you can dry your leaf and drink it in the winter. You can also make syrup or marmalade. Blackberries are also used in ice cream, pastry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
As you walk in a state of overwhelmedness, your opponent comes out on a workbench or in a grocery store. The eye-catching color makes the sour and spacious taste of the baccarat look unimaginable. We’re in the blackberry season. A few years ago, the berries, which are rare and expensive, are as plentiful as ever. Therefore, it is cheaper than previous years. Because of the work the Ministry of Agriculture has done with the universities for 8 years, 10 blackberries are grown. Tokat, Adana, Samsun, Maras, Ordu, Erzurum, Erzincan, Malatya, Hatay and Isparta’da planted blackberries. The farmers, who had received much harvest this past year, continued to market their products in their hands after meeting the needs of the ice cream, pastry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.
The cultivated field berries, which are called brittle, look both in color and size. The smaller, light-colored wild berries are more desirable in terms of taste and utility. But because it is difficult to collect and production is low, it is necessary to settle for the culture of blackberries. Because when you learn that blackberries are good for many diseases, especially cancer, you will not miss this fruit for your meals.

Do not throw this fruit in the wild


The most popular fruit of blueberries on supermarket shelves in recent days … Now, we find in the grocery store more often to blueberries. The purplish in color with a piquant taste of this frozen fruit, dried and sold as fresh as cakes, ice cream, is entering the menu of the restaurant for dessert and sauce. The homeland is the mountainous regions of North America. Therefore, the price is also very high. But all the blueberries you see on the shelves are not imported. Because in the Black Sea Region, especially in Rize, blueberries are being produced.
In fact, blueberries grow wild in the Black Sea region’s people was he doing this fruit jam and syrup. Lychee in Rize, morsidiva in Artvin, bush flower in Giresun, ligardia in Trabzon, lifos or Trabzon grape, muscular in different regions, mahabak, tea grape, The number of blueberries producers including names such as shepherd’s grapes is increasing rapidly. It is called blue gold in the region because it is more profitable than kettle and hazelnut.
Blueberries are defined by experts as the best antioxidants in nature. For this reason, it slows down the effects of aging, it is claimed to be effective on cancer and other chronic diseases. It is rich in fiber and blueberries calories, which is also extremely helpful in terms of heart health because it can prevent the accumulation of fat consumed in the diet because it is low. With eye health benefits of blueberries contained anthocyanins terms set forth by research in effective against bacteria that cause diarrhea.

The benefits of blackberry do not end up counting


Gaziosmanpaşa University (GOPÜ) Faculty of Agriculture, Head of Department of Horticulture Professor. Dr. Resul Gerçekcioğlu reported that blackberries are a source of healing against many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, larynx and bowel cancer, and diabetes.
Professor Dr. Realcioğlu said that the therapeutic properties of blackberries have been known for years. Blackberry, plenty of B group vitamins because the children of the age of development and the health of the elderly people is very useful in terms of Professor stating that. Dr. Realcioğlu continued: “Blackberry has high antioxidant capacity besides anticancer substances like A and C vitamins. The level of antioxidant is a measure of the ability to absorb free oxygen radicals. Compared to other foods, especially black raspberries and blackberries have a very high oxygen radical absorption (ORAC) value.
In addition, they are among the richest foods in antisition. ” Professor informed that the content of ellagic acid, which is a substance that inhibits cancer, is also high in blackberries. Dr. Dr. Truecioğlu said: “Studies in laboratory animals have shown that the conversion of first cancer cells to active cancers prevented ellagic acid. In the light of these researches, it is focused on working on the effects of this substance in the two most common cancers in human, laryngeal and intestinal cancers. ”
Professor explains that the unsaturated fatty acids in the seed are the source of healing. Dr. Gerçekcioğl of “They are ordinary lipophilic antioxidants in abundance in some oils and nuts. Their presence in the kernel of blackberries, raspberries and some other grapefruit fruits gives them antioxidant potential for vitamin E activity, “he said.
Expressing that the essential fatty acids known as an effective preservative against heart diseases, diabetes and cancer are present in the berries of fruit juices. Dr.Gerçekcioğlu, “These oils have coronary heart disease and many cancers have protective properties. These fatty acids can be obtained from fish or from marine organisms such as algae. ”
Professor informed about the growing of blackberries with a lot of nutritional value. Dr. Resul Gerçekcioğlu, a field of blackberry cultivated 2 to 4 tons of fruit can be obtained from the acropolis, he said.
Realcioğlu explained that the consumption of tableware such as jam, marmalade, fruit juice, ice cream, cake, medicine, herbal teas is also common among the 4-6 TL of blackberries.
Professor Dr. As a result of adaptation work that has been going on in Tokat for many years, Gerçekçioğlu added that the appropriate varieties of blackberries have been identified.