Our Goal

We were occasionally able to come together with researchers working in universities and research institutes on grape juice due to the so-called Project ” Ribes Spp Raspberry and Blackberry (Rubus Spp) Varieties Evaluation ” which was carried out at the national level some time ago on Caner Onur’s premises . At these meetings, developments related to the project were primarily evaluated and information was also given about other activities carried out at the same time. The meetings provided us with the opportunity to know about the studies carried out on the grape juice in our country, as well as allowing the researchers to identify each other.

During the berries meetings, the idea of ​​establishing a “national grape fruit research group” emerged spontaneously. Although there is no such group, the “Grape Juice Symposium”, which is held every three years, continues as a serious activity of this group.

I think the general purpose of the website should be as follows;

  • The researchers related to the subject define each other,
  • To provide practical information for producers,
  • To present published papers and articles about grape juice in our country,
  • To present seminars, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies, which are made in universities, to the researchers in full text, if possible,
  • Presenting the published books and the published magazines to the attention of the growers and researchers,
  • Presenting the notes prepared for undergraduate and graduate courses to students by hosting them on the server.