The raspberry, which has an acclaimed and attractive fruit among the grapes, is not yet well known in our country. Other known names of raspberry are Mountain wolf, Tree wolf, Sultan böbreldeni and Idea wolfberry. It has an important nutritional feature due to its mineral and vitamin content. 

Raspberries are also cultivated as arable crops and are not recommended for commercial breeding. Aniline can be used as a border plant to meet the need of fruit. If raspberries can be grown in most climatic conditions, they develop better in temperate, humid and acidic soils. It is important that the harvest time does not rain. Raspberry production is low in our country. In foreign countries, raspberry cultivation has a certain precaution, and in a wide variety of forms; If you need fresh canned, jam, Marmalade, pastry, ice cream, sugar, yoghurt, fruit juice, liqueur, etc. are consumed in various forms. It is very important for human health; Organic acids and minerals are very rich.

Commercial breeding has a great selection in selection as much as environmental conditions.