It is reported that strawberry maker happily closed the season in Mersin, which is known as Turkey’s wet vegetable and fruit warehouse and which has been on the foreground with the production of strawberries in recent years.┬áThe price of kilogram has not fallen below 1 TL during the 7 months of harvesting, which was started to be sold under the cover under 5 TL in January and in the open garden harvest,

Mersin busiest made the Townships of the province in the strawberry farming Agriculture Director Joseph Day, in his statement, fruit size, export-resistant hard flesh, smell, said the aroma and Silifke strawberries brand flavors is now recognized internationally.

This year 20 thousand acres of the day stating that made 80 thousand tons of strawberries harvested from the land, “This year’s harvest of 20 thousand tons, corresponding to 25 percent of strawberries, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Iraq and were exported to Iran 60 thousand tons of product is consumed in the internal market, “he said.

Day, the harvest time is before 4 months, the development of new seedlings and that new production techniques with 7 months removed, stating that become brands in the district of foreign markets with the compliance of new varieties, “because of the use of a single seedling varieties in the previous year, in April and in May the market slumping strawberries were sold at cheap price due to supply and demand imbalance. However, to avoid the clutter in the market segment with the requirements of the strawberry harvest led to the sale value, “he said.

Emphasizing also that a significant employment of strawberry production in Silifke Days, “made my planting the garden by the end of July, after pruning, spraying, fertilizing, work processes, such as fighting and collecting the weeds will continue until June. Silifke about 3 thousand The family struggles with the strawberry business, “he said.” The majority of women, 10 thousand people, thanks to the production of strawberry bread door, “he said.

Day, while the strawberry picking season with silifkeli Sanliurfa, Gaziantep and that hundreds of workers from Kahramanmaras to find employment opportunities, he added that with this aspect contributes to the local and national economy strawberries.